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Contactless payments of up to €50 will be a reality

As of tomorrow consumers will be able to use contactless technology to make face-to-face payments of up to €50, a limit higher than the current €20. All that is necessary is to place the card near the point-of-sale terminal and no PIN will be required

Given the development of the novel coronavirus pandemic, and at a time where contactless payments are encouraged, the Portuguese banking system, together with Banco de Portugal and SIBS, has decided to raise the maximum amount allowed to make payments using contactless technology without the need to enter a PIN.

With this contactless technology, the card never leaves your hand and you do not need to enter your personal code. Until now this system only allowed payments of up to a maximum of €20. As of tomorrow you are no longer required to use your personal code for contactless card purchases of up to €50.

The banks will implement this change gradually, therefore please contact your bank for any further information.

Contactless payments using your mobile phone (including QR Code or Near Field Communication) will continue to be made as usual. These payments involve no contact with the terminal, regardless of the amount.

For your day-to-day purchases, prefer contactless payments.