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Companies unauthorised to carry on cash transfers to and from the national territory

1. In accordance with the legislation in force (1), cash transfers to and from the national territory can only be carried on by credit institutions whose purpose includes this activity and by duly authorised exchange offices.

However, it has come to the knowledge of Banco de Portugal that some unauthorised entities have carried on such operations, which is an ilicit practice, subject to the penalties provided for by law.

In these circumstances, Banco de Portugal informs the general public that the companies listed below are not authorised to carry on the above-mentioned operations:

  • AGÊNCIA DE CÂMBIOS PORTAL, LDA., having its head office and premises where transactions with the public take place in Avenida 25 de Abril, no. 672 – 2.º, sala 17, Edifício Alvorada, Cascais;
  • PORTAL DA RIVIERA–CONSULTADORIA APOIO A NEGÓCIOS, LDA., having its known head Office at the same address;
  • Any other entities where JOSÉ LUÍS MOREIRA, MARIA ZILDA MOREIRA or EDUARDO SOUZA PORTILHO perform management functions.

2. Exchange offices authorised to transfer money to/from abroad are duly listed in the Official Bulletin of Banco de Portugal and on the List of Authorised Institutions of Banco de Portugal's website.

Lisbon, 27 May 2007


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