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Commemorative coin ‘35th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme’ will start circulating on 1 July

The Banco de Portugal will put a commemorative coin into circulation from 1 July 2022, with face value of €2, entitled ‘35th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme’. The coins will be distributed to the public through credit institutions, the Banco de Portugal's cash offices and the shops of the Portuguese Mint and Official Printing Office.

Moeda corrente comemorativa “35 Anos do Programa Erasmus” entra em circulação em 1 de julho

The ‘35th Anniversary of the Erasmus Programme’ coin has the following features:

On the common side

  • The European design used on euro coins in circulation.

On the national side:

  • In the middle, the portrait of Erasmus of Rotterdam writing;
  • Above the portrait’s right hand, the author’s initials;
  • At the bottom, in the middle, the words ‘Casa da Moeda’;
  • On the right, the words ‘1987-2022’, ‘Programa Erasmus’ and ‘Portugal’;
  • Surrounding the design, the 12 stars of the European Union forming a circle.


The characteristics of this coin were approved by Executive Order No 284/2021, published in the Official Gazette, Series I — No 236 of 7 December 2021.

The issue limit was set at 500,000 coins with normal finish.


The Banco de Portugal sells commemorative coins to the public exclusively through its cash offices (normal finish only). 

The Banco de Portugal does not reserve coins nor send them by post.