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Board of Directors approves delegation of powers

 The Board of Directors of Banco de Portugal approved on 10 July 2013 the delegation of powers below, as published in the Official Gazette (Decision No 1515/2013) of 30 July 2013:

Departments under the responsibility of each Member of the Board of Directors


Governor Carlos da Silva Costa

  • Office of the Governor;
  • Secretariat to the Board;
  • Audit Department;
  • International Relations Department;
  • Risk Management Department.

Vice-Governor Pedro Duarte Neves

  • Banking Prudential Supervision Department;
  • Economics and Research Department.

Vice-Governor José Berberan Ramalho

  • Accounting Department;
  • Markets and Reserve Management Department;
  • Financial Stability Department.

Member of the Board José Silveira Godinho

  • Payment Systems Department;
  • Administrative Services Department;
  • Legal Services Department;
  • Legal Enforcement Department;
  • Issue and Treasury Department.

Member of the Board João Amaral Tomaz

  • Banking Conduct Supervision Department;
  • Human Resources Department;~
  • Organisation and Information Technology Department;
  • Statistics Department.

Decision no 1515/2013 also establishes: the system governing the replacement of the Members of the Board of Directors; the general delegation of powers in the different areas of responsibility; the delegation of powers relating to the different Departments; and the delegation of powers regarding the procurement of goods and services.

Lisbon, 5 August 2013