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Banco de Portugal updates the non-financial corporations indicators of the Central Balance-Sheet Database for 2015

Banco de Portugal publishes today the Sector Tables and Enterprise Sector Tables concerning 2015, compiled based on the Simplified Corporate Information.

The Sector Tables present indicators broken down by sector of activity and company size class, including a set of European ratios for each sector of activity. These tables can be accessed on the Banco de Portugal website

The Enterprise Sector Tables, with indicators for each enterprise and the respective sector of activity, are made available to the companies free of charge, at the Corporate area of the Banco de Portugal website.

The indicators now published for 2015 reflect the information collected from approximately 381 thousand companies, which represent more than 90% of the universe of non-financial corporations in Portugal, and the Sector Tables disclose information for 4 814 combinations of sectors of activity and size classes.  


Lisbon, 24 November 2016