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Banco de Portugal updates indicators on corporations in the Central Balance Sheet Database for 2018

Today, the Sector Tables and the Enterprise and Sector Tables for 2018 were released on Banco de Portugal’s website.

The Sector Tables include a set of economic and financial indicators on Portuguese corporations broken down by sector of economic activity and size class.

The Enterprise and Sector Tables may be consulted free of charge by corporations, upon authentication. These tables enable managers to compare the performance of their enterprise to the performance of enterprises of the same sector and size class.

Information provided in these tables is compiled, on an annual basis, by Banco de Portugal on the basis of data reported by corporations in the Simplified Corporate Information (Informação Empresarial Simplificada – IES). This information is provided in a database managed by Banco de Portugal, the Central Balance Sheet Database, which comprises data from 2006 onwards. These data are subject to quality controls and benefit from estimates for non-responses.

In the Sector Tables, it is possible to compare Portuguese corporations with those in other European countries. The data on the corporations in other European countries come from the BACH database (Bank for the accounts of companies harmonized).