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Banco de Portugal is the second most sought-after employer among Portuguese students

Banco de Portugal is the second favourite employer among Portuguese university students, according to the annual study by the consultant Universum, released this Saturday by the weekly newspaper Expresso.

This result is an improvement from Banco de Portugal’s performance in last year’s study: in 2016 Banco de Portugal ranked third in the most sought-after companies by Portuguese students.

“This distinction, awarded to Banco de Portugal as employer, together with others that have been announced recently, recognises above all the quality of this institution’s staff members and the work that it has been doing. However, it is also a recognition of efforts made in the past few years, on the one hand, to improve human resources management policies and, on the other, to bring the Bank closer to universities and the labour market in general, through a wide range of communication and information initiatives. The Board of Directors is satisfied with this result, which is also an important incentive to continue to invest in improved management and reinforced training of Banco de Portugal’s staff members” said Banco de Portugal’s Director, Hélder Rosalino.

For this study, Universum surveyed over 8,000 students from 26 universities between November 2016 and April 2017. The favourite employer for the Portuguese university students was Google, followed by Banco de Portugal, which outpaced Apple.

In recent years Banco de Portugal has aimed to establish a closer relationship with universities. The Bank maintains a series of protocols with three of the major higher education establishments in the country – Universidade Católica, Universidade Nova de Lisboa and ISCTE – to recruit talent and support staff training. It has also signed agreements with these three institutions and ISEG for summer traineeships at Banco de Portugal.

Banco de Portugal hosts an open day for universities annually. This year the Open Day of Banco de Portugal brought to its head office approximately 100 Economics graduates from Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Universidade Católica de Lisboa, ISCTE and ISEG.

Banco de Portugal is also active on the LinkedIn social network.