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Banco de Portugal launches “Economics in a picture”

Today Banco de Portugal launches the “Economics in a picture” feature on its website.

In this feature, Banco de Portugal will publish each week a chart and short analysis of the Portuguese economy and the euro area, based on its economists’ work.

“Economics in a picture” will cover a diverse set of subjects: economic growth, trade, education, the labour market, monetary policy, inflation and financial intermediation, among others.

The first “Economics in a picture” addresses Portuguese workers’ education and was prepared using a study by Ana Catarina Pimenta and Manuel Pereira, called “Aggregate educational mismatches in the Portuguese labour market”, published in the journal Banco de Portugal Economic Studies.

The launch of the “Economics in a picture” feature is part of a wider set of initiatives from Banco de Portugal, as part of its 2018-2020 Research Agenda, with the aim of contributing to a better knowledge of the Portuguese economy and euro area.

“Economics in a picture” is available here.