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Banco de Portugal hosts CEMLA governors meeting

Over the last two days in Lisbon, Banco de Portugal has hosted the governors meeting for CEMLA, the Center for Latin American Monetary Studies.

Attending the meeting were top-level representatives of 19 monetary authorities from Latin America, the Caribbean, the US and Europe, as well as the European Central Bank, BIS - Bank for International Settlements and the International Monetary Fund.
Topics from the international agenda were debated over the two days: the international economic and financial situation, the impact of changes to monetary policy in the US, the state of the art and trends in financial regulation, transmission of monetary policy, the euro's monetary policy, challenges to financial stability from the non-banking financial sector and the G20's agenda.


Created in 1952, CEMLA promotes education and research into monetary policy in Latin America and the Caribbean and information-sharing between monetary authorities. It currently comprises 53 institutions.
Banco de Portugal has been a collaborator member of CEMLA since 1980.
Lisbon, 11 May 2016