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Organisation chart

Office of the Governor (GAB)
GAB provides personal and technical support to the “Governing” body of the Bank.
Head: Álvaro Novo
General Secretariat (SEC)
Within General Secretariat are the services that provide direct support to the Board of Directors and ensure the functioning of the Board of Directors, the Board of Auditors and the Advisory Board.
Head: José Queiró
Audit Department (DAU)
DAU is responsible for evaluating and issuing an independent and objective opinion on the effectiveness and efficiency of the Bank’s risk management, internal control and internal governance processes.
Head: José Cordeiro Gomes
Legal Enforcement Department (DAS)
DAS is responsible for taking enforcement action, including the imposition of sanctions on administrative offences, so that the supervised entities comply with the rules or regulations to which they are subject, and which for any reason are not being respected or fully observed. Within the supervisory functions legally entrusted to Banco de Portugal, DAS oversees the compliance by financial institutions with their duties to prevent money laundering and terrorist financing.
Head: João Raposo
Communication and Museum Department (DCM)
DCM is responsible for preparing and executing the strategic plan for Banco de Portugal’s communication and sustainability, and operates the Money Museum, in conjunction with the other departments.
Head: to be appointed
Accounting Department (DCC)
DCC is mainly entrusted with the definition and management of the accounting and financial system of the Banco de Portugal, with a constant view to adapting it to the situation of the Bank in terms of assets, operation and functions. It is further incumbent on DCC to adapt the information required for external and internal management purposes, as well as to ensure the internal accounting control.
Head: José Pedro da Silva Ferreira
Issue and Treasury Department (DET)
DET is responsible for cash issuance and puts into circulation the legal currency required for the national economy, within the scope of the European System of Central Banks. It also carries out, by delegation, other Banco de Portugal functions through the branch network.
Head: Pedro Sousa Marques
Financial Stability Department (DES)
DES is responsible for carrying out the tasks and competencies laid down in the Statute of the Banco de Portugal, the Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies (RGICSF) and other legislation, relating to the Bank's financial stability, macroprudential and regulatory policy functions.
Head: Ana Cristina Leal
Statistics Department (DDE)
DDE is mainly entrusted with the preparation and disclosure of Monetary and Financial Statistics, Balance of Payments Statistics, National Financial Accounts and the administration of the Central Balance-Sheet Database and the Central Credit Register.
Head: Homero Gonçalves 
Economics and Research Department (DEE)
DEE is mainly entrusted with the counselling on monetary policy in the context of the Eurosystem and the production of analysis and economic studies on issues relevant to the Portuguese economy and the euro area.
Head: Nuno Alves
Human Resources Department (DRH)
The major function of DRH is to foresee and ensure the adequacy and development of the human resources needed for the Bank’s operation. It manages both the organic structures and jobs so as to enable their integrated action in the organizational development procedures.
Head: Pedro Raposo
Risk Management Department (DGR)
DGR is responsible for identifying, assessing and controlling the risks associated with Banco de Portugal’s activity, in order to ensure that they remain at levels consistent with the risk profile and degree of tolerance defined by the Board of Directors of Banco de Portugal.
Head: Gabriel Andrade
Markets Department (DMR)
The DMR is chiefly responsible for the implementation, analysis, control and processing of the single monetary and exchange rate policy operations and reserve management. It is also incumbent on this Department to participate in the corresponding technical coordination bodies of the European System of Central Banks (ESCB).
Head: José Pedro Braga
Information Systems and Technology Department (DSI)
DSI is mainly entrusted with the carrying on of several activities geared to make available, in an efficient and updated manner, the Banco de Portugal information - through an orchestrated action for the definition of purposes and implementation of strategies and policies - and ensuring its consistent, uniform and systematic processing.
Head: Carlos Moura
International Relations Department (DRI)
DRI is entrusted with the following main tasks: to contribute, within the scope of the Bank's functions, to the formulation of a policy programme in terms of international relations; to support and develop the Bank's relations with international organisations and other central banks; to coordinate and promote, in collaboration with the other Departments of the Bank, the cooperation policy, technical assistance and financial relations with developing and transition countries.
Head: Sílvia Luz
Resolution Department (DRE)
The Resolution Department (DRE) is responsible for carrying out the tasks of Banco de Portugal in its capacity as national resolution authority, within the Single Resolution Mechanism, and ensuring the functioning of the Resolution Fund and the Deposit Guarantee Fund.
Head: João Filipe Freitas
Administration Services Department (DSA)
DSA is mainly entrusted with the management of support, technical and administrative activities, in order to ensure to the Banco de Portugal the rational allocation of the means required for its operation.
Head: Paulo Cardoso José
Legal Services Department (DJU)
DJU is mainly entrusted with the study and the issue of recommendations on all matters of a juridical nature submitted to it; it is also engaged in counselling activities and court appearances on the Banco de Portugal’s behalf.
Head: Gonçalo Castilho
Payment Systems Department (DPG)
The DPG is chiefly responsible for ensuring the intervention of the Banco de Portugal in the interbank settlement and payment systems as well as in the securities settlement systems both at the domestic and international level. It is also incumbent on this Department to perform the tasks entrusted by law to the Banco de Portugal, regarding the utilisation of cheques.
Head: Maria Tereza Cavaco
Banking Conduct Supervision Department (DSC)
DSC is responsible for the regulation and supervision of the conduct of credit institutions in the relationship with their customers as regards selling practices and disclosure of information on retail banking products and services. This Department is also responsible for strengthening the rules of conduct and transparency to be complied with by credit institutions and for implementing initiatives regarding the supply of information to bank customers and the promotion of financial literacy.
Head: Ana Isabel Venâncio
Banking Prudential Supervision Department (DSP)
DSP is responsible for carrying out the tasks and competencies laid down in the Statute of the Banco de Portugal, the regulatory framework of the Single Supervisory Mechanism (SSM), the Legal Framework of Credit Institutions and Financial Companies (RGICSF) and other legislation, relating to microprudential supervision, on an individual and consolidated basis, of credit institutions, financial companies and other entities defined in the law.
Head: Luís Costa Ferreira