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Historical Archive


On this page you can find and retrieve information on documents contained in the Archive. The search options are presented in a simple way, allowing a user with little knowledge of the archive's descriptive information structure to find the desired information, while more experienced users can apply more complex filters.

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The user can choose the search terms and/or the production dates of the documents. Ticking the “Inclusive dates” box returns the records whose production dates fall between the earliest and latest dates defined in the search. The user can also choose to retrieve only those results containing digital versions, thereby returning documents which can be viewed online.

There are also options allowing users to refine their search, identifying the fields and terms that satisfy their search criteria. They include the choice of fonds/collections in which to search, the types of record (i.e. the description levels), the reference number and other specific criteria. It is also possible to indicate whether to search for all the words, some of the words or the exact phrase, for each field.

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Quick access points

In this space we provide quick access to a set of documents housed in this Archive. The links below allow you to find records we have prepared for you. Use these links for quick access to sets of information we have prepared for you.