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Production dates 1932-05-04/1939-12-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/002/0012
Production dates 1951-05-02/1958-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/002/0016
Production dates 1957-04-24/1963-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/002/0017
Production dates 1963-02-27/1974-09-14
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/002/0018
Production dates 1974-09-16/1975-06-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/002/0020
Production dates 1948-06-16/1967-12-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/003/0002
Production dates 1888-01-01/1889-10-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/004/0001
Production dates 1971-10-23/1972-04-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/005/0003
Production dates 1972-10-19/1973-04-16
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/005/0005
Production dates 1973-04-17/1973-10-12
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/005/0006