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Production dates 1968-08-06/1968-12-17
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0191
Production dates 1970-08-11/1971-02-16
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/021/0101
Production dates 1972-05-31/1972-09-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/021/0105
Production dates 1973-05-21/1973-09-14
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/021/0108
Production dates 1974-01-07/1974-05-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/021/0110
Production dates 1974-10-08/1974-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/021/0113
Production dates 1892-07-30/1894-03-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/001/0002
Production dates 1894-03-10/1895-06-08
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/001/0003
Production dates 1897-09-04/1898-10-01
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/001/0006
Production dates 1899-10-14/1900-11-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/001/0008