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Production dates 1939-06-30/1939-09-25
Reference code PT/BP/BP-COIMBRA/008/0094
Livro 0154
Production dates 1955-09-07/1955-10-03
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0154
Livro 0155
Production dates 1955-10-03/1955-10-29
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0155
Livro 0156
Production dates 1955-10-29/1955-11-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0156
Livro 0159
Production dates 1956-01-13/1956-04-09
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0159
Livro 0160
Production dates 1956-04-09/1956-07-23
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0160
Production dates 1900-12-13/1901-02-13
Reference code PT/BP/BP-GUARDA/009/0043
Production dates 1964-04-03/1964-04-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-EST/002/0676
Livro 0162
Production dates 1956-11-12/1957-03-08
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0162
Livro 0164
Production dates 1957-06-28/1957-10-28
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/048/0164