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Production dates 1931-05-05/1931-10-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0123
Production dates 1931-10-06/1932-03-09
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0124
Production dates 1936-03-12/1936-09-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0133
Production dates 1939-03-07/1939-07-22
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0140
Production dates 1939-12-05/1940-04-17
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0142
Production dates 1941-03-26/1941-11-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0145
Production dates 1942-08-04/1943-05-20
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0147
Production dates 1947-10-25/1948-04-13
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0154
Production dates 1961-04-11/1961-12-29
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0177
Production dates 1967-04-11/1967-09-22
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0188