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Production dates 1846-11-21/1997-05-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-PORTO
Production dates 1891-04-04/1981-12-11
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BEJA
Production dates 1845-01-02/1856-01-02
Reference code PT/BP/COPP
Production dates 1844-03-12/1845-08-21
Reference code PT/BP/CA
Production dates 1843-07-31/1845-12-16
Reference code PT/BP/CU
Production dates 1963/1980-10-10
Reference code PT/BP/FMZE
Production dates 1838-03-26/1845-09-08
Reference code PT/BP/CC
Production dates 1842-06-30/1844-11-30
Reference code PT/BP/CCRN
Production dates 1873-09-10/1897-04-12
Reference code PT/BP/SGAFP
Production dates 1844-11-30/1858-09-03
Reference code PT/BP/CCN