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Production dates 1928-11-13/1936-02-07
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-CSS
Production dates 1924-03-08/1944-04-14
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-JAO
Production dates 1922-10-09/1944-11-25
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-BPP
Production dates 1925-05-24/1970-02-04
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-BBUR
Production dates 1912-01-01/1953-06-26
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-BCU
Production dates 1940-04-09/1940-04-22
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-BCC
Production dates 1925-03-18/1937-04-08
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-BES
Production dates 1921-03-22/1959-09-12
Reference code PT/BP/IGCS-JMFG