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Production dates 1844-03-12/1845-08-21
Reference code PT/BP/CA
Production dates 1843-07-31/1845-12-16
Reference code PT/BP/CU
Production dates 1873-09-10/1897-04-12
Reference code PT/BP/SGAFP
Production dates 1928-12-20/1977-11-08
Reference code PT/BP/CCOMP.LISBOA
Production dates 1862-08-03/1983-05-19
Reference code PT/BP/CEF
Production dates 1892-10-01/2007-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-ÉVORA
Production dates 1875-07-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-FARO
Production dates 1884-07-01/1993-11-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-A.HEROÍSMO
Production dates 1887-12-19/1993-02-02
Reference code PT/BP/BP-HORTA
Production dates 1919-03-22/1929-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-LOULÉ