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Production dates 1929-07-16/1929-07-16
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CEPIC
Production dates 1931-05-22/1931-05-22
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CESOC
Production dates 1927-06-30/1976-12-23
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CAMP
Production dates 1930-07-25/1977-02-23
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CMO
Production dates 1934-01-03/1977-01-20
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CARD
Production dates 1924-03-11/1977-01-01
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CMIN
Production dates 1978-05-31/1981-07-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CIWLT
Production dates 1920-01-06/1977-02-03
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-COST
Production dates 1965-07-21/1966-05-04
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-DARG
Production dates 1921-09-28/1980-07-23
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-DCC