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Production dates 1937-10-22/1977-01-21
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-BESCL
Production dates 1936-03-05/1976-12-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-BFM
Production dates 1971-06-07/1978-01-19
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-BIPOR
Production dates 1922-07-31/1977-03-03
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-BMIC
Production dates 1926-10-18/1988-01-13
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CCP
Production dates 1926-10-04/1943-01-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CEG
Production dates 1944-12-14/1952-02-05
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CESCPO
Production dates 1935-01-30/1935-01-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CEA
Production dates 1960-01-09/1984-09-27
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CEF
Production dates 1929-09-04/1971-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DSP-CEPOR