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Production dates 1968-02-28/1968-03-15
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0122
Production dates 1968-03-15/1968-03-26
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0123
Production dates 1968-03-26/1968-04-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0124
Production dates 1968-04-06/1968-04-24
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0125
Production dates 1968-04-24/1968-05-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0126
Production dates 1968-05-10/1968-05-18
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0127
Production dates 1968-05-18/1968-05-30
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0128
Production dates 1971-02-04/1971-02-12
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0203
Production dates 1971-03-17/1971-03-27
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0207
Production dates 1972-08-17/1972-08-23
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/119/0237