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Production dates 1963-10-23/1964-01-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-GUARDA/015/0131
Production dates 1955-04-27/1955-11-03
Reference code PT/BP/BP-DES/148/0003
Production dates 1936-03-12/1936-09-10
Reference code PT/BP/BP-BRAGA/018/0133
Production dates 1963-05-14/1963-09-06
Reference code PT/BP/BP-AVEIRO/019/0192
Production dates 1972-01-18/1972-04-20
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CASTELO BRANCO/021/0121
Production dates 1945-01-02/1945-04-09
Reference code PT/BP/BP-COIMBRA/008/0117
Production dates 1939-01-02/1939-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/007/0133
Production dates 1941-01-02/1941-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/007/0142
Production dates 1950-01-02/1950-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/007/0195
Production dates 1950-01-02/1950-12-31
Reference code PT/BP/BP-CG/007/0197