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Online services

On this page you can carry out searches and request information. By registering on this platform you can access the information you request, and use a personal notepad in your searches.

Advance document consultation request

This request allows you to reserve a document for consultation in person at a future date. If you do not have all the necessary information, you can submit an Information request.

Information request

This service allows you to request information about the archive, the way it works or the document collection.

Why do I need to register?

Registration is essential for us to identify our readers, so that the service we provide is useful and effective.

Registration on this platform gives the reader access to the various services described on this page. After registering, you can submit new requests, check the status of your requests and access your personal notepad, which you can use to record your search information.


Is my privacy protected?

We understand the importance of users’ privacy protection. The information gathered by the Archive is used exclusively to facilitate the interaction and provision of services through this platform. It allows the Archive to identify the user and his or her contact details to allow replies to requests to be sent. We use this information to guide and improve our services.

Our privacy policy may be consulted here.

I'm already registered. How do I make a request?

To make any of the requests described on this page, you just have to register, authenticate your registration and then click on the desired request. The platform will then ask you for certain information so that we can best serve you. In case of doubt, contact us through any of the addresses provided at the foot of this page.

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