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The side menu contains links to the following pages:

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Side menu

Menu Lateral



Context information is provided if applicable: module name and/or unit name.

Navigation Bar

The navigation bar can be found at the bottom of the page, and comprises three areas:

  • “Next” and “Previous” buttons;
  • Pages;
  • Horizontal Navigation.

“Next” and “Previous” buttons

Navigation between pages.

Ícone para página seguinte

“Next” button

Ícone para página anterior

“Previous” button


Current page/Total pages.

indicação do número páginas


Horizontal Navigation

Unit index.

Índice remissivo da Unit.

Table of Contents

Imagem com zoom

Image with Magnification. By hovering the mouse over the image next to this icon, a magnification will be displayed.

rever animação

Compare Images. By dragging this icon to the left or right, the overlapped image will be hidden or revealed.

Module Questionnaire

A questionnaire is provided at the end of each module. The system validates each answer and shows the final score at the end.

botão validar

“Validate” button

botão avançar

“Next” button

Example of interaction with a “Single Answer” question

Seleção Única

Example of interaction with a “Drag and drop” question


Final Score: “next module”

Final Score: “review module” and “next module”