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The euro coin recirculation activity is adequately framed by the Portuguese legislation, which foresees:

“Only euro coins the authenticity and characteristics of which have been verified by coin sorting machines deemed fit for the purpose…or by qualified professionals may be returned to the public”;

“Entities which proceed to the recirculation of euro coins should promote training for staff that directly handle cash, making them qualified to test euro coins received by the public and to identify fake, counterfeit or suspect coins.”.

In order to qualify professionals for the euro coin recirculation activity, Banco de Portugal organises on-site training courses on the knowledge of the euro coin and, alternatively, provides an e-learning training course on the same topic, including the following modules:

  1. The characteristics of coins
  2. Verification of authenticity
  3. Coins unfit for circulation

The e-learning training course on the knowledge of the euro coins has an average duration of 2 hours and fully meets the requirements and objectives of the on-site training course delivered by Banco de Portugal, ensuring the full certification of professionals handling cash in the coin recirculation activity.

To obtain the certification the trainee is submitted to a test at the end of the course and needs to achieve a score of 80% or more.

Banco de Portugal hopes this course meets your expectations and that it may be a powerful tool in the development of your professional activity.

Disclaimer: Banco de Portugal is only responsible for the pedagogical contents which integrate this course, its application and outcomes being the full responsibility of the entity applying it to its staff.

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