General Government Financing and Direct State Debt


The information on Government Financing and on Direct State Debt presented on the “Main Indicators” comprises a set of 17 indicators selected from the series available in the statistical domains “Public finance statistics” of BPstat | Estatísticas online |.


Statistics on general government financing and direct State debt include the financing of the institutional sector of general government, with a breakdown by subsector (central government, regional government, local government and social security funds), by counterpart (other resident sectors and rest of the world) and by financial instrument (securities and loans and deposits). Data on direct State debt is also included, with a breakdown by financial instrument.


These data are also presented on Chapter A of the Statistical Bulletin– table A.15 “General government financing and direct State debt”.


For further information (data and metadata) on general government financing and direct State debt, please refer to the statistical domain “Public finance statistics” of BPstat | Statistics online |.


Last Updated in 2011/06/20