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Economic research

Economic research sets out to develop an independent, high quality economic analysis that provides technical support to the mission of Banco de Portugal.

Within the context of the Economic Research Department (DEE), the following main objectives are pursued:
  • to provide active advice to the Governor in matters related to monetary policy decision-making in the euro area and to actively participate in the preparation of the Eurosystem agenda themes, namely in the technical support provided to Bank representatives on Eurosystem Committees; 
  • to perform studies which contribute to a more in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese economy and to the formulation of economic policies, as well as to prepare estimates and forecasts for the main macroeconomic aggregates; 
  • to contribute to furthering scientific knowledge in economic areas relevant to the mission of Banco de Portugal.
Studies developed in the Department are of relevance to a number of areas, mainly the following: monetary economics, international economics, labour economics, economic growth and cycles, banks, financial economy, fiscal policy and econometric modelling. In this context, four biennial conferences are organised in the traditional specialisation areas of the Department. Furthermore, the Department maintains an external seminar cycle and regularly organises courses with teachers of outstanding international reputation.

The DEE places great importance on core research activities. Approximately one third of the economists in the DEE hold a PhD. The Department researchers are strongly encouraged to publish their work in the best specialised international journals to make presentations in international seminars as well as to present research to a more extensive public, by means of signed in Banco de Portugal publications.

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